Science to Business Programme

Discovering Industrial Applications of cutting edge research

ESOF 2014 - The captivated audience at ESOF 2014 - © Mikkel Ostergaard

ESOF 2016 has an exciting programme of sessions focused around science and business. With world-renowned speakers, the sessions will cover topical subjects in everything from intellectual property to women in business. 

The Science to Business Programme is a fundamental component of ESOF 2016 and will provide opportunities for industrialists, researchers, policy makers and business/academia support organisations to engage with one another, learn, network and debate the issues surrounding the exploitation of breakthroughs in science and share ideas and best practise for improving the commercial outcomes from research.

The programme will seek to explore the major and particularly the common challenges encountered for research and innovation across a diverse range of industry sectors, including: healthcare, pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, chemicals, finance, IT and communications, materials and engineering - in essence industries for which future breakthroughs in science and technology will have major impact. It is a unique opportunity for cross sector, multidisciplinary interaction and an opportunity to strengthen the interface between the business and the academic world, examining the future role for Universities in the innovation process. 

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