What is the revolutionary potential of RRI? Interdisciplinary discussion of innovative participation processes

July 24, 2016 10:55 - 12:10 pm


Innovation systems are increasingly characterised by complex interactional dynamics between diverse participants and require nonlinear processes and models of knowledge production and technology development. In view of these complex dynamics, two principles are increasingly valued in the scientific community and also among practitioners: The value of public input – including gender diversity; and the need for transdisciplinary approaches that integrate conceptual and methodological perspectives drawn from two or more fields.

Both, public engagement and transdisciplinary approaches provide a revolutionary potential for R&D and require new formats for interaction and participation. The aim of this session is to initiate an exchange between researchers and practitioners of diverse fields – including also design and the social sciences. Participatory approaches from different contexts and countries will be presented in 5-10 minute-slots, followed by a workshop in which common guiding principles will be developed. Non-scientific visitors are very welcome to share their views and experiences.

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