Translating responsible research and innovation policies into practice

July 24, 2016 9:30 - 10:30 am


While the importance of conducting research in a responsible way has long been acknowledged, the emergence of RRI as a process for governing the interplay between science and society is relatively new. The embedding of extra-scientific concerns into research and innovation assumes an ever greater societal importance. RRI provides a systemic, comprehensive and process oriented approach in this context.
RRI is increasingly embedded within EU research and innovation policies, but the real impact depends on their translation into practice. RRI requires the engagement of key actors across policy, practice and society and the promotion of collective conversations among them.

This session will bring together experts to address the following:
1) Challenges for universities at institutional level, including the EuroTech Universities’ efforts to raise awareness, and engagement among their students – the RRI practitioners of tomorrow;
2) Prospects for enhanced societal engagement, based on direct experience and expertise in public participation exercises;
3) Future directions for EU RRI related policies and programmes.

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