The next plague – preparing for global pandemics

July 25, 2016 2:15 - 3:30 pm


Our global lifestyles continue to expose humanity to unprecedented health threats, not just from ‘traditional diseases’ but also increasingly from new pathogens, zoonoses and newly-evolved varieties of disease, such as the Zika virus. A panel of health experts will discuss the factors that contribute to pandemics, including pathogens, water/food supply chain, sanitation and climate. It will examine the role of private industry, government and NGOs in prevention and addressing pandemics through policy, regulation and actions. Where possible, they aim to identify the key action items that must occur to prepare, not only for Zika, but for the next recurrence of Ebola and the future emergence of new diseases. We also anticipate that the discussion will include references to tuberculosis, HIV, influenza and other communicable diseases that pose global threats.

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