The application of responsible research and innovation: societal impact of science policy and good practice from countries and regions

July 24, 2016 10:55 - 12:10 pm


Recent science policy debates stressed on the importance of orienting research, technology and innovation policy towards societal challenges, yet several innovation systems are not equipped enough with the effective tools and operational functions that could boost the innovation capabilities on the firms and institutional settings in addition to the local innovation enablers. This session contributes in providing a better understanding of the application of responsible research and innovation, from a wider societal angle at the national and regional levels. It has been designed to provide better understanding of the role science policy could play in the society. Moreover, This session will enable participants to reflect on the best practices where science policy played an important role for society, and the effective stimulants that encourage society in the promotion of science in addition to the essentials of RRI within the innovation systems.

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