Society as a collaborator, science as a benefactor

July 26, 2016 3:45 - 5:00 pm


Science increasingly permeates our lives through new modes of education and social media channels, while the rise of citizen science has become a powerful tool for collaboration. It is firmly embedded in popular culture, but it can also protect and promote cultural heritage and play a positive, uplifting role in democracy and for development. Disciplines, such as astronomy, play a major role in inspiring the public and the next generation of scientists and engineers.

We will explore society's growing expectations to be informed of research, in line with its values for transparency, and also increasingly to have a say through social media and its desire to engage with research through citizen science. Examples of science and its relationship with citizen science, social media, education, development, art and pop culture will drive our discussion. We will also look at how science can promote growth, fair employment and personal well-being by looking at the specific issue of women in STEM.

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