Smart cities growing smart businesses

July 25, 2016 12:50 - 2:05 pm


Cities are facing the challenge of combining economic competitiveness with sustainable urban development, waste management, scarcity of resources, air pollution, human health, traffic congestion and ageing urban infrastructure. By making traditional networks and services more efficient with the use of digital and communication technologies, we will look at the opportunities for businesses created by the realisation of innovative concepts such as smart grids, smart cities and the Internet of the Things.

The new intelligence of cities using a combination of digital telecommunication networks, sensors, tags and software, offer many opportunities to businesses and entrepreneurs. These cities cannot succeed without business as a committed solutions provider. Our session will explore urban challenges, innovative urban technologies different visions and solutions for smart cities, with a particular focus on business opportunities. We will also shed light on new market areas and business ideas and showcase success stories and innovative solutions.

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