Will open science change the way it’s published?

July 25, 2016 5:10 - 6:25 pm


The growing production of research outputs have led researchers to rely more than ever on the timely processing and dissemination of their results. For the best possible outreach of their scientific discoveries, they strive to publish in the highest quality journals – which now, with the unlimited possibilities of the internet, have transitioned into the digital age.

Open access has started to change the way research is disseminated, new developments such as open data or open peer review are further transforming scholarly publishing. The thinking within the industry has undergone a tremendous transformation: instead of publications as final products, traditional publishing has made way to focus on research-in-the-making.

We will explore new business models within the publishing industry, the experiences of publishers with regard to their transformation into the digital age and the challenges that have emerged.

Shaking off the dust from publishers’ shoulders has been the first of many steps to follow into the future of science and research. Will we see a revolution or an evolution?

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