Presidents' Dinner

July 24, 2016 7:00 - 7:00 pm


This flagship ESOF tradition is a formal affair held following the opening ceremony.  Hosted by Manchester City Council, this invite only event will take place in one of the UK finest civic buildings – Manchester Town Hall. 

Situated in the civic centre of Manchester and moments from Manchester Central, this neo-gothic  masterpiece has science at its very core, it’s great Sculpture Hall celebrates the City’s most eminent luminaries – including scientific greats Sir John Dalton and James Prescott Joule . Upon entering the Town Hall you may notice the mosaic floor adorned with bees, Manchester’s emblem. The bee was chosen to represent the workers that elevated Manchester to one of the greatest industrial cities during the industrial revolution.

This historic building is the perfect venue to get a taste for Manchester, surrounded by For Maddox Brown’s murals of working life in the city; you can sample some of Manchester’s finest food and meet the incredible people that continue to drive science and technology forward and the innovators that are changing our world.

Please note that this is an invitation only event. 

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