Mass spectrometry for the masses

July 26, 2016 10:00 - 11:15 am


Mass spectrometry is a powerful analytical technique that can measure the size, amount and shape of molecules we encounter every day from caffeine to viruses.  Manchester has a long history of association with mass spectrometry from discovery of underpinning concepts to the manufacture of the first commercially available instrument in Europe. Now part of the northern powerhouse, Manchester is home to many international companies specialising in mass spectrometry (Waters Corporation│Kratos│Shimadzu|Agilent). Mass spectrometers developed and manufactured in Manchester are shipped worldwide and this presentation will spotlight global research highlights from early disease detection to the molecular composition of a comet! The presentation will culminate in an international discussion panel on the future directions for research and innovation into the next generation of instruments and their applications. The audience will be encouraged to engage and influence the future prospects of mass spectrometry with a further break-out session for continued discussions.

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