Life after a PhD – what does industry want from you?

July 25, 2016 5:10 - 6:25 pm


Feedback the ‘Life after a PhD‘ workshop with Careers Advisers supporting Researchers in Europe (CARE at ESOF 2014), indicates that both PhD students and post-doctoral researchers identified industry careers as a sector about which they wish to be better informed. Our session will aim to encourage researchers to focus on the skills they need to demonstrate when moving into a non-academic career path. We will provide insights into the culture and working environment of industry and business which aim to dispel currently held myths and assumptions. We wish to break down these barriers and encourage academic researchers to consider a non-academic career. Recruiters from industry will present their experience and expectations to researchers and, with European careers advisers, will offer advice about job-seeking strategies, maximising exposure and professional image. They will also provide valuable information about what a realistic future career path could look like.

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