Jacqueline McGlade: Environmental Frontiers – Emerging Issues of Global Concern

July 26, 2016 11:25 - 12:40 pm


In a rapidly changing world, policy-makers and citizens need to be informed about new scientific findings and emerging issues that have a chance of becoming global issues. In this keynote talk, six issues will be highlighted: the emergence of new sustainability instruments in the global financial sector; increases in disease emergence particularly from zoonoses; the growing impact of plastic pollution in aquatic environment; loss and damage to ecosystems due to climate change; toxin accumulation in key crops, and the global illegal trade in live animals and pets. The presentation emphasises the critical relationship between a healthy environment and healthy people and the need to address emerging issues through rethinking policy interventions, finding new solutions or adapting existing practices.

Introduced by Rush D. Holt, AAAS/Science Family of Journals, USA

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