Going mobile: support for early career researchers’ mobility

July 24, 2016 10:55 - 12:10 pm


International mobility has become a valuable career asset as well as a professional and personal challenge for early career researchers (ECRs). In an increasingly globalized landscape, success both as a researcher and educator greatly benefits from international experience and a professional international network. Researchers are encouraged to seek out optimal work and training environments beyond their national resources and a highly mobile and transnational career path is becoming the norm rather than the exception.

While public and private research institutions recognize the value of international experience and are working toward lowering the obstacles, the pursuit of such a career is anything but clear-cut. In addition to professional obstacles (systemic differences, varying scientific cultures etc.) and administrative issues (visa and degree recognition, language barriers etc.), there are significant personal challenges ranging from family planning and culture shock, to developing personal and professional networks and mentoring relationships.

We will discuss the key challenges regarding international mobility for ECRs and innovators and also examine how research-focused diaspora communities can successfully address these challenges and support professional and intellectual mobility.

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