Future food: analysing the risks

July 26, 2016 3:45 - 5:00 pm


Food production and manufacturing face unprecedented technical and societal challenges in the coming years. Food security, emerging food safety risks, population growth, climate change, and healthcare costs, are the challenges of how scientists, the food industry and regulators can engage with a next generation of consumers who have different expectations.

There have been unprecedented advances in the risk sciences and new “big data” and predictive analytics tools offer scope for rapid progress in consumer protection. However, this requires a different way of working for all the stakeholders concerned. What would such a new framework of food risk analysis look like? Our panel will include key stakeholders, including senior academic, industry and regulatory scientists, futurologists, representatives of consumer associations and communication specialists. They will debate possible viable pathways to improving consumer confidence, food safety, food security, sustainability and the science of food. We will argue for a better way of achieving consensus on investment priorities and a clearer narrative for communication among stakeholders.

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