Doping in elite sports and beyond

July 26, 2016 3:45 - 5:00 pm


The use of doping has spread from elite sports to include recreational sport and the growing “fitness movement”. It is now being practiced particularly by young and early middle aged people who are unhappy with their body image. Androgenic anabolic steroids seem to be most commonly used, followed by various types of stimulants. With the development of gene and cell therapy as well as gene editing, there is a clear risk that more refined methods will come into use. Over the last decade, considerable efforts have been made to find detection methods for gene doping.
There are several new sources of doping substances. They include the markets of largely unregulated and adulterated nutritional supplements and of unapproved pharmaceuticals.
Doping raises complex issues that cut across science, ethics, and sports governance. The presentation highlights this complexity, and the interplay of philosophy and science that is required in order to carry out an anti-doping policy effectively and ethically.

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