Breaking the wall: sharing research with an interdisciplinary audience

July 25, 2016 12:50 - 2:05 pm


Science communication has become an essential skill for academics. But why is it so important to share your work not only with peers and experts from your field, but also to convince broader audiences of its relevance? In the present academic world, scientists, universities and research institutions are competing for limited public and private funding. Good value propositions and great communication win grants and public attention, while non-experts have to be persuaded to the importance of research or understand its impact. In times of restrictive public expenditures, the money invested in science has to be justified and the general public wants to know where and how their taxes are spent.

The Falling Walls Foundation brings together leaders from the worlds of science, business, politics and the arts and promotes the latest scientific findings among a broad audience from all parts of society. Former Falling Walls speakers will provide insights into communicating complex scientific topics to general audiences and give advice on finding the right balance between science and simplification.

Five selected ESOF participants will get the chance to present their research in 3 minutes each and will receive some valuable feedback from the panel and the audience. Applications must be sent before 15 July to

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