Beyond the 'Anthropocene': where mankind and machines converge

July 25, 2016 3:45 - 5:00 pm


From gene manipulation to space exploration, human history has been characterised by fundamental scientific understanding and technological change. We are increasingly reliant on technology, yet we struggle to answer questions arising from it. What are the consequences of the notion of ‘technological singularity’ – where men and machines converge? How can we understand the implications of the next wave of technological changes? Are these developments to be welcomed or feared? We will analyse the existing tension between scientific curiosity, ethics and responsible governance and will discuss themes such as "modelling the future", "the societal consequences of technological singularity", "the Anthropocene", "responsible research and innovation challenges", "radical innovation and the human mind".


This session is organised Science Europe and will be hosted by Mariachiara Esposito, Senior Scientific Officer at Science Europe.

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