Action on Antimicrobial Resistance - the global response to AMR

July 25, 2016 8:30 - 9:45 am


Infections caused by drug-resistant pathogens are one of the biggest health problems the world faces today. Bacteria and other pathogens have always evolved to resist the new drugs that modern medicine uses to combat them. However, in recent years the rise in drug resistance and especially the emergence of antibiotic resistant superbugs has started to result in the rise of untreatable infections. Unless action is taken to address this huge global issue, a conservative estimate made by the UK Review on Antimicrobial Resistance is that it will cost the world an additional 10 million lives a year by 2050. It will also have a cumulative cost of 100 trillion USD, more than one and a half times the annual world GDP today.

In this session, the panel will address the critically important issue of how to stimulate the market for companies to invest in and develop new antimicrobials and diagnostics, and it be delivered in a globally coordinated way. The panel session will explore international perspectives of this issue but also position the local geographical strengths within this important area. 

Supported by Manchester Science Partnerships


• Jeremy Knox, Deputy Head, Review on Antimicrobial Resistance
• Dr Neil Murray, CEO, Redx Pharma
• Dr Peter Jackson, Chair UK Centre for AMR: The UK R&D Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Steering Group
• Professor Kevin Outterson, Professor of Law at Boston University of Law School, USA

Moderator Rowena Burns, Manchester Science Partnerships (MSP), UK

Format Panel discussion

Theme Healthy populations

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