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European Commission

The European Commission is head-quartered in Brussels, Belgium, and works closely with the 28 EU Member States and European Parliament to define, develop and implement laws and legislation. The activities of the European Commission have the ability to affect millions of EU citizens’ lives and so all new propositions are considered carefully before being put into law. The European Commission is led by 28 commissioners and one president, selected from each of the 28 EU Member States, together they decide the objectives and priorities for actions of the EU and work towards delivering them. Alongside their work within the Union, they also represent the Member States outside of Europe.

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

Our work improves productivity, drives sustainable growth and shapes the UK as a global knowledge economy. We create open and fair market frameworks in which companies can start up, grow and succeed. Our partnership working with all types of business enables BIS to support growth regionally through our network of BIS Local Offices and internationally through UK Trade and Investment. We draw on the best available evidence to develop policy solutions from skills development and investment in innovative companies, to regulation, consumer rights and building Britain’s research base. We create the conditions for companies, employees and consumers to flourish in an open productive economy.

Research Councils UK

Research Councils UK are a group of research councils that invest around £3 billion of public money each year into research across a number of different academic disciplines. Their aim is to advance our knowledge in these fields and to help drive growth in the economy as well as improving our health and creating a more sustainable world. Each of the councils works in a specific area which range from the arts and humanities to social sciences, engineering, physical sciences and medical and life sciences. Through this funding RCUK supports some 50,000 researchers across the UK’s universities and research institutes.

British Council

The British Council focuses on cultural relations; building trust between the UK and other countries and creating international opportunities for those countries’ citizens. They work in over 100 different countries delivering programmes in the English language, Arts, Education and Society to connect people with the UK. The British Council has a long history, dating back to 1934, of helping to develop English language education in non-English speaking countries and give access to internationally recognised qualifications so that young people may progress in their study and careers. They encourage and facilitate international students coming to experience the UK and sending our students to experience life abroad.

Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council works to achieve their aims and objectives of helping Manchester and the surrounding region to continue to grow and develop despite the economic problems that have beset the country over the last decade. They, along with the Manchester Partnership, are working towards delivering Manchester’s Community Strategy that will see Manchester becoming an enterprising and creative city with skilled and motivated people, and developing safe and healthy communities in which the people of Manchester can live. All this will make Manchester a place that people and companies will choose to live and invest in and set the scene for Manchester as an international city.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester, part of the prestigious Russell Group, is one of the City of Manchester’s three main universities. Spread across the Oxford Road and Northern Campuses, it has over 30,000 students and 10,000 members of staff. Amongst the current and former staff and students are 25 Nobel Prize winners recognised for their brilliant discoveries including splitting the atom and the discovery of Graphene. The University of Manchester is committed to world-class research and providing its students with the best learning experience. The university is on track to reaching their goal of becoming one of the top 25 research universities in the world by 2020.