International Conservation and Commercial Breeding Symposium

Chester Zoo and Marketing Cheshire bring conference to discuss sustainability

Finding more sustainable methods and understanding better ways of breeding will help to support our populations, but to do this zoos, field biologists, academics and the industry must come together to develop and advance population management science.

In this symposium current practices will be highlighted as well as common pitfalls and new opportunities and future developments will be explored whilst determining the reality of their implementation and success. 

You can find details of the current speaker program below and how to book, reserve accommodation and get to Chester can be found via the following link:

We look forward to welcoming you in Chester for what promises to be an impressive and important symposium.


Plenary speaker
• Rick Barongi, WAZA Conservation and Sustainability Committee

Session 1: Assisted reproduction (topics include: genome resource banking, ART)
• Dr Rebecca Spindler (Chair), Taronga Conservation Society Australia
• Dr Gabriela F Mastromonaco, Toronto Zoo
• Dr Pierre Comizzoli, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
• Dr. Imke Lueders, GEOlifes- Animal Fertility & Reproductive Research
• Dr Bill Swanson, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
• Dr Nucharin Songsasen, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
• Dr Caroline Argo, University of Sussex

Session 2: Population Sustainability & Fitness (topics include: population modelling approaches, one plan approach, meta-populations, measuring population fitness)
• Dr Susanne Schultz (Chair), University of Manchester
• Professor Mike Bruford, Cardiff University
• Kristine Schad, European Association of Zoos and Aquaria
• Dr. Hans Komen, University of Wageningen

Session 3: Reproductive management (topics include: endocrine monitoring, contraception, mate choice, behaviour, temperament)
• Dr Sue Walker (Chair) Chester Zoo
• Dr Terri Roth, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
• Professor Katarina Jewgenow, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW)
• Dr Cheryl Asa, Saint Louis Zoo / AZA Wildlife Contraception Center
• Dr Janine Brown, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Conservation Breeding Workshop Facilitators [Invitation only]
• Dr Andrea Fidgett, Chester Zoo
• Dr Bengt Holst, Copenhagen Zoo

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