EuroScience Sessions at ESOF

ESOF 2014 - The team at the EuroScience stand

EuroScience will be hosting a number of session at ESOF in the summer. The table below gives details on the sessions including when and where they will happen.

Sunday, 24 July

10.55 – 12.10

EuroScience Room

European Union of Science Journalists’ Association (EUSJA) 45th Anniversary Roundtable: Does science need gatekeepers?

Organiser: Jens Degett

Chairs: Antonio Calvo Roy and Oliver Lehmann

Introduction – Jens Degett

Mobile Reporters – Dino Trescher

How to Detect Promotion? – Elisabetta Curzel

EUSJA Ethical Toolbox – Gorm Palmgren and Berit Viuf

Collaboration Across Europe -- Marina Huzvarova

13.30 - 14.15

Press Room
Invitation Only

Gathering of travel grant recipients

Various organisations and universities, including the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) in Belgium, Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary (ELTE), the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic as well as the EU research initiative Graphene Flagship in cooperation with EuroScience offered travel grants to help young researchers attend ESOF2016 held in Manchester on 24-27 July this year.

Altogether around 90 young researchers from Europe and Africa have received travel grants to participate in ESOF 2016.

A special gathering session is being organised to bring these young aspiring researchers together on Sunday 24 July. Two winners of the European Young Researchers Awards Dr. Marta Entradas for 2016 and Dr. Heike Blockus for 2015 are invited as special guests to present their professional research paths and to provide them with useful tips on quick networking at large events such as ESOF.

All ESOF2016 grant recipients (Early career researchers as well as journalists) are subsequently invited to a small reception held at the Gallery Space at Manchester Central.

Monday, 25 July

11.25 - 11.55

Manchester Central Convention Complex

Open Session

EYRA Handover Ceremony

The EYRA 2016 (European Young Researchers’ Award) is dedicated to post-doctoral fellows, who have demonstrated outstanding research performance and leadership and have incorporated a clear European dimension into their research. All ESOF participants are invited to join the prestigious hand-over ceremony.

12.45 - 14.45

EuroScience Room

Invitation Only

EuroScience Governing Board Meeting

17.10 - 18.40

EuroScience Room

Open Session


16.15 – 17.15

EuroScience Room

Open Session

EuroScience General Assembly

Chair: Professor Lauritz Holm-Nielsen, EuroScience President

The EuroScience General Assembly is open to all Associate, Full and Corporate members of EuroScience. In fact, anyone interested in EuroScience and its activities is invited to join.

EuroScience Rammal and Science Writers Awards

The European Science Writers Award is given to editors and writers for their achievements for promotion of science journalism in Europe since 2001. The senior prize so called “Award for Lifetime Achievements” and the two “Junior” prizes are awarded every two years at the EuroScience Open Forum-ESOF. They consist of a certificate and a small grant.

The Rammal medal bears the name of a Lebanese researcher, Rammal Rammal (1951-1991), whose career was international and who devoted his life, not only to advancing science, but also to fostering good human relations through the pursuit and exchange of knowledge, especially in the Mediterranean region. Thus, the aim of the Rammal Jury in selecting the recipient of this award is to recognize not only research of the highest quality performed either by a scientist or by a group of scientists working in the region, but also a commitment to make science more accessible or bring its benefits to the population of Mediterranean countries.  Moreover, the award is attributed also for positive actions in a broader social, international or educational context

Tuesday, 26 July

10.00 - 11.15

EuroScience Room

Open Session

European Young Researchers Platform (EYRP) Meeting

Organiser: Slobodan Radicev, EuroScience

European Young Researchers Platform (EYRP) workshop is bringing together young researchers, grass-root organizations and learned societies interested in young researchers’ issues. The aim is to provide a platform to exchange information on activities of the various organizations and discuss policy issues that can further promote and support young researchers in Europe.

Grass-root organizations and learned societies have a role to play in providing information, advice and support to young scientists, but also to advocate their needs and offer possible solutions to stakeholders and policy makers. We have now decided to join forces within a common, open platform, the European Young Researchers Platform, to deliver early stage researchers message with one voice, thereby obtaining more visibility and, hopefully, impact.

11.25 - 12.40

EuroScience Room

Open Session

EuroScience Science Policy Working Group on Research Integrity

Organiser: Stephane Berghmans, EuroScience

The session will look into specific issues associated with European and national funding sources and mechanisms. In particular, panelists will  explore RI through three concrete questions which may have a direct impact on scientists and their research:

  • What is the role of funders in Research Integrity?
  • What are the consequences of interdisciplinary research on Research Integrity?
  • Can new indicators help assess and promote Research Integrity?


  • Dan Brändström, Chair, Board of the Linnaeus University, Board of Wenner-Gren Foundation
  • Sonia Ortega, Head of the NSF Europe-Eurasia Office, US Mission to the European Union
  • Johannes Klumper, Head of Unit for SAM, DG Research, European Commission
  • Michele Garfinkel, Science Policy Programme Manager, EMBO
  • Amanda Crowfoot, Director, Science Europe
  • Slobodan Radicev, European Young Research Platform, EuroScience

14.30 - 15.45

EuroScience Room

Invitation Only

ESOF2018 Steering Committee Meeting

Wednesday, 27 July

10.00 - 11.15

EuroScience Room

Invitation Only

ESOF Supervisory Committee Meeting

14.15 - 15.30


Open Session
EuroScience Room

EuroScience Science Policy Working Group on Research Funding

Organiser: Frederic Sgard, OECD

This session will investigate how current competitive funding mechanisms could be improved, looking for instance at the impact of success rates, funding modalities and complexity, selection criteria or grant duration, from the viewpoint of both researchers and funders.


  • Young scientist representative (Martijn Wieling, 2016 European Young Researchers’ Awardee, assistant professor in linguistics at Groningen University)
  • Seniors public researcher representative (TBC)
  • Private sector representative (TBD)
  • National funding organisation representative (Tateo Arimoto, Deputy Director-General , Center for Research and Development Strategy (CRDS) in the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST))
  • European funding organisation representative (TBC)


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