bluedot festival announces spectacular science bill

ESOF will open with a bang with the inaugural bluedot festival held at Jodrell Bank, the iconic Cheshire observatory. The festival will reveal a galaxy of science's brightest stars with more than 150 experts and academics on site across the weekend debating and illuminating some of the most important and fascinating topics in their fields. 

Some of the stellar names that can be seen include TV presenter Dallas Campbell, known for filming in some of the world’s most extraordinary and challenging locations, he has presented several cutting edge programmes including Voyager: Beyond the Final Frontier - the story of NASA’s epic interplanetary missions to explore the outer solar system & beyond, and Stargazing Live where he reported live from the Soyuz rocket launch site for Tim Peake’s journey to the International Space Station.

Danielle George, Professor of Radio Frequency Engineering at the University of Manchester, who is only the sixth woman in 189 years to present the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in 2014, will be talking about smart machines – including ALMA, the array of telescopes high in the Atacama desert – and how the huge amounts of data they generate are helping us see space better than ever before.

And Dr Matt Taylor – project scientist for the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft – will tell the story of this remarkable mission to intercept a comet, and drop a lander onto its surface. He will provide all the latest updates and explain what we are learning from this incredible mission. 

The festival will be led by Professor Tim O’Brien, Associate Director of Jodrell Bank, who will be introducing acts and chairing panels. Tim also has a couple of extraordinary live links planned for the main stage, promising a unique insight into cutting-edge research by chatting live with scientists at two major international science facilities.

But it's not just about the speakers, throughout the weekend scientific themes will also be explored by heavyweights of the arts: electronic duo Air will introduce a screening of Le Voyage Dans La Lune (1902), the world’s first ever sci-fi film, with the new soundtrack they recorded for it, Erica Wagner will be in conversation with Professor Teresa Anderson about brilliant author Alan Garner, with a rare public appearance and book signing with Alan himself, Jez and Andy Williams (Doves/Black Rivers) will demonstrate how they worked with Jodrell Bank to become the first band to bounce a guitar riff off the Moon, and Andrew Smith, acclaimed author of Moondust, will talk about meeting every man who’s walked on the Moon.

Discover a world of wonder suitable for all ages with interactive stalls and exhibits, great food, music and people. ESOF is incredibly proud to be working with bluedot and joining together the leading minds of the conference with those who explore beyond our known frontiers. Delegates of the conference are in for a treat on Saturday 23 July as not only do we have tickets to bluedot to give away but, ESOF takes over the Close Encounters stage to bring you The National Graphene Institute’s composer in residence – Sarah Lowes – who will discuss the making of the Graphene Suite, a six movement piece mixing different musical styles and nuances, Professor Phil Diamond The director of the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope which explores the first stars and galaxies and CERN’s incredible Cosmic Piano, an electronic instrument devised by particle physicists based at the Large Hadron Collider. 

If you would like to attend for the full weekend or another day, full tickets start from £129 and day tickets start from £35. Boutique camping starting from £495 & seven course menu provided by Michelin star chef Aiden Byrne in ‘The Restaurant at the end of the Universe’ from £69. More information can be found at:

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