International Marketing & Media Committee

ESOF 2016 International Marketing & Media Committee


Lou Cordwell


Lou Cordwell founded digital design company magneticNorth in 2000 and sits on the board of the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership.

Ignasi López Verdeguer 

La Caixa Foundation  

Ignasi López Verdeguer is Director of the Department of Science at La Caixa Foundation and coordinates the Science in Society program.

Lone Frank 


Lone Frank is a staff writer at Weekendavisen, Denmark’s leading newspaper and is Denmark’s most distinguished science writer.

Nuala Moran 


Nuala Moran is a science and technology journalist with over 30 years’ experience and acts as Managing Editor of Science|Business. 

Alice Henchley 

Nature Publishing Group

Alice Henchley is Head of Journals Press at Springer Nature Publishing Group and is responsible for promoting all content published to the international media.  

Sabine Louet 


Sabine is the Editor of EuroScientist, a policy magazine published by the grassroots organisation of European researchers, EuroScience.

Frederik Wittock 

Johnson & Johnson 

Frederik Wittock is Head of Communications at Johnson & Johnson in Brussels and previously for the Minister of Public Health & Pensions.

Aidan Giligan 


Aidan Gilligan is Founder and CEO of SciCom, a Brussels-based agency and a member of the EuroScience Governing Board 2015 – 2018.

Istvan Palugyai 


Istvan Palugyai has been senior science editor Népszabadság since 1991 and is the President of the Club of Hungarian Science Journalists.

Clive Cookson 

Financial Times

Clive Cookson has been The Financial Times’ Science Editor since 1991 and previously worked as a correspondent at The Times and BBC Radio

Patrice Goldberg 


Patrice Goldberg is a Head of Science Department of RTBF – Belgian TV, and the Editor in Chief & Presenter of the program “Matière Grise”. 


Dominique  Leglu 

Sciences et avenir

Dominique Jacqueline Leglu is a member of think tank EuropaNova and the editor-in-chief of SCIENCES ET AVENIR based in Paris.