Careers Committee

ESOF 2016 Careers Committee

The Careers Committee aims to help further the research and professional development of early career researchers and to ensure that they have the opportunity to connect with policy makers, funders and business. The Committee includes members who have experience in research, management, innovation and policy.

This Committee is responsible for reviewing all submissions to the Careers Call before they are presented to the Careers Committee for final confirmation.

Matthew Lambon Ralph

The University of Manchester

Matthew Lambon Ralph is a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience & Associate Vice-President at the University of Manchester & Chair of the ESOF 2016 Career Committee.

Alaa L. Ibrahim

American University of Cairo

Alaa Ibrahim is an Associate Professor of Space Astrophysics and Director of the Science Outreach Program at the American University in Cairo.

Luc Van Dyck 


Luc Van Dyck is the EuroScience Senior Policy Advisor responsible for ESOF and previously a member of the ESOF 2014 Career Committee.

Slobodan Radicev 

The University of Novi Sad

Slobodan Radicev is finalizing his PhD at the University of Novi Sad in Toyota Production Systems and a member of EuroScience governing board.

Justin Kelly 


Justin Kelly is a Director of Strategy for the Siemens Industry Sector and passionate about furthering the UK’s Engineering and Technology skills pipeline.

Snezana Krstic

Marie Curie Alumni Association 

Snežana Krstić has worked in European research and higher education policy activities since 2004, focusing on issues in research integrity and professional development.

Alison Mitchell 


Alison Mitchell is Director of Development for Vitae, a company dedicated to realising the potential of researchers and promoting career development.